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Top Fuel Hydro’s use nearly pure nitro methane for fuel.

Nitro Methane Fuel will devolp 7000 horse power or better in a Top Fuel racing engine.

Toxic Rocket can cover the quarter mile in 4.5 seconds at speeds exceeding 250 mph, with an estimated half-track time of under 3 seconds, that’s over 200 mph within just 660 feet.

 Most Top Fuel Hydro’s weigh close to 3800 pounds and use two propellers to apply 7000 horsepower to the water.


Let us take this opportunity to introduce Granite Racing an organization that can help your company get the most out of your marketing budget.

What industries and individual companies capitalizing on motor sports marketing have in common is the understanding that there are literally millions of consumers attending, watching, listening to and reading about drag boat racing.

With rising attendance at racing facilities, and increased television, online web sights, blogs, and radio exposure, many companies are finding that their involvement in marketing through motor sports makes very effective use of their marketing dollars.

Excellent exposure of your company’s name and/or logo is priceless. You may purchase 30 seconds of television time, or buy an ad in the daily newspaper, but it is only seen one time. By sponsoring Granite Racing and the Toxic Rocket Team, your company can reach potentially millions of people throughout the year.

Sponsorship of the Granite Racing team provides an exciting and effective means of marketing. The boat itself inevitably becomes the focus of attention, creating a high visibility, marketing machine.

No other aspect of motor sports marketing captures the “team effort” business model as does team sponsorship.

By identifying with the drivers, crew and boats competing in a race event, your employees and guests can readily identify with the boat and crew bearing your company’s logo and colors. This rallying point becomes a tool to help reinforce a cohesive, “work together as a team” business concept using the exciting arena of the Toxic Rocket Team and Drag Boat Racing sports competition.

Consider the impact of a company’s product or name boldly emblazoned on a Top Fuel Hydro drag boat. Then, add team members outfitted in uniforms identifying your name and product, a line of team and sponsor apparel made available to fans, a show vehicle on display at an off-track location, and a traveling transport rig with full color sponsor identification. These are the building blocks of a successful promotion utilizing team sponsorship of the Granite Racing Top Fuel Hydro Racing Team.

Granite Racing and the Toxic Rocket team members are exciting and articulate people who will be able to represent your company in a very professional manner.

Granite Racing has several marketing partnership packages available for every advertising budget. We also have the ability to customize a marketing partnership package specific to your marketing, advertising and promotional needs.
Whether it’s for one event, several events or a full season, we’ve got the perfect package for you!

Marketing Opportunities also available are product merchandising opportunities including coupons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, posters, coffee mugs, etc. with your company name and/or logo

Call one of our Marketing Executives for more information at (650) 737-8700

We already have your customer market base in our Winner’s Circle!

Join us!


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