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Toxic Rocket Crew for 2010

Joe Cassidy - Owner

Glen Wilson - Pilot

Ron Soares - Crew Chief

Brandon Wry - Engine / Fuel

Mike Cookson - Props / Drivetrain

Russ Guilliam - Computer / Data

Tommy Nelson - Engine / Right Side

Tom Boghosian - Engine Builder / Tuner

Joe Boghosian - Engine Builder / Tuner

Mike Padgett - Safety Gear / Fuel

Kevin Guilliam - Bearing Specialist

Marco Mabante - Engine Specialist

Sean Briody - Fabricator/Machinist

Dan Shuken - Engine / Left Side


Michelle Latka - Apparel Sales


Don Francis - Truck Owner/Team Chef

Donnie Francis - Transport Driver


Marco Mabante - Engine Speciliast

About Marco

Marco’s main responsibilities are extraction and replacement of the engine during the turnaround. The Toxic Team takes great pride in turning the boat around faster than any other team.
He also preps spare engines for quick replacement if there is a sudden need. In the case where Tommy Nelson or Sean Barnes cannot attend an event, have hangovers or eat too much, he fills in as a Top End Specialist.
Marco has the honor of saying that when he is one of the Top End Dudes, his side of the engine has never blown a gasket, burned a valve or piston like the other guys on the team.

On A Personal Note

Marco Mabante is a 30+ year veteran of drag boat racing which started in the NBDA.

 Marco crewed for:

 Jack Buckles – “Showdown” BGF,
 Jackie Pratt’s record holding Comp Hydro – “Drag-On Lady” Bruce Eisiminger’s – “Iceman” PCE
 George Mabante’s –“Pure Malarkey” UGH. NJBA Champion

In 2003 he was a member of Mark Workentine’s National Champion Top Fuel Hydro – “The Beast”.

During the day Marco is the Director of Product Strategy for Elavon and lives in Savannah, Georgia.




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