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Toxic Rocket Crew for 2010

Joe Cassidy - Owner

Glen Wilson - Pilot

Ron Soares - Crew Chief

Brandon Wry - Engine / Fuel

Mike Cookson - Props / Drivetrain

Russ Guilliam - Computer / Data

Tommy Nelson - Engine / Right Side

Tom Boghosian - Engine Builder / Tuner

Joe Boghosian - Engine Builder / Tuner

Mike Padgett - Safety Gear / Fuel

Kevin Guilliam - Bearing Specialist

Marco Mabante - Engine Specialist

Sean Briody - Fabricator/Machinist

Dan Shuken - Engine / Left Side


Michelle Latka - Apparel Sales


Don Francis - Truck Owner/Team Chef

Donnie Francis - Transport Driver


Mike Padgett - Safety Gear / Fuel

About Mike

Mike's responsibilities are to pack the chute, aid in the mixing of the highly volatile nitro methane fuel mixture. Checks air and c02 levels
Aids in Glen donning his suit, gear, and ensures he is safely secured in the capsule.

At the launch ramp Mike leads a prayer with Glen in giving thanks, protection, and ability to our lord and savior Jesus Christ

On A Personal Note

I'm Michael P. I'm 52 yrs. young and live in Ceres Ca. I'm a christain and a member of Victory Life Center of Modesto Ca. I have three great childen Terika, Travis, Reanna and also three grandchildren Justin, Brhyer and Miss Alya. I'm a life long fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles and love to ride. Hunting and fishing is another pastime of mine. If you get a chance stop by and say hi when your at the races and we look forward to having a spectacular 2010 season.



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